“Managing Strategies for Electoral Victory”

Agincourt Consultants provides general consulting services to candidates for public office. Our firm has more than 30 years of experience running campaigns and ballot issues at the local, state and federal levels of government. Our mission is to win by running effective and efficient campaigns.

Throughout the campaign, Agincourt Consultants will identify specific actions and establish timelines for critical activities involving all components of a successful campaign. Our consultative services include:

  • Strategic Planning – Work with the candidate and campaign team to create comprehensive plans for principal areas of a political campaign;
    • Political Plan – Analyze the district to target the electorate, establish vote goals, and develop a Get Out The Vote plan
    • Campaign Calendar – Create a comprehensive timeline for the campaign’s critical deadlines, strategic actions, and key events
    • Campaign Budget – Determine the resources necessary for victory
    • Communications Plan – Identify critical media outlets and work with the campaign to create a plan for building long term relationships
    • Coalitions Plan – Target key coalition groups within the campaign district and develop action plans for generating support
  • Message Development – Assist candidate and campaign staff in developing core message and themes for the campaign
  • Crisis Management – Work with candidate and campaign to develop responses to critical events and situations
  • General Support Services – Deliver ongoing advice and consultation throughout the course of the campaign
  • Service Referrals – Provide assistance in securing additional services on an as needed basis (including media, direct mail, polling, and fundraising consultants)