“Creating Public Affairs Solutions”

Agincourt Consultants provides advocacy services for the executive and legislative branches of government in the state of Ohio and Washington, D.C. We provide our clients with creative solutions based on extensive experience in government and political arenas.

Our approach to advocacy involves critically assessing the situation, developing and communicating a disciplined message, creating a comprehensive plan, and fostering a long term relationship. Our consultative services include:

  • Direct Representation – Serving as the clients registered lobbyist before federal and state of Ohio legislative and executive branches
  • Situational Analysis – Assembling information and assessing the policy and regulatory process
  • Strategic Services – Developing strategies that are based on plans with specific metrics for success
  • Community Engagement – Mobilizing local leaders and the grassroots to promote our client’s public affairs objectives
  • Coalition Building – Fostering support among influential groups and creating coalitions to support the campaign
  • Event Management – Creating and directing events that earn media
  • Research – Providing intelligence on the players and personalities involved in the process